Learning Resources NH provides educational services to children with learning challenges.   We can help your child learn to read, write and comprehend if they are struggling.

Dr. Charles W. Kalinski is the director of Learning Resource Specialist NH. He has specialized in the diagnosis and treatment of learning disabilities for over 25 years. His extensive experience with parents, school districts, teachers, and students has given him a reputation for excellence and integrity of service.

Treatment Options
He has worked with a wide range of students and specializes in the area of assessment and reading disorders. Learning Resource Specialist NH is a private consultancy that provides diagnosis and treatment in reading and spelling, math, comprehension, and written language that affect children, adolescents and adults.

Many programs are available for the treatment of learning disorders. Treatment begins with an individual assessment which provides an individual learning profile to identify the specific needs of the client.

Dr. Kalinski works with any student who has difficulties with learning from age 3 up to the twenties. He specializes in providing reading programs to children between the ages of three and six years old. A reading development program is designed to provide a jump start on the development of reading skills that a child needs when entering the classroom. He works closely with the child’s family providing them the guidance they need to insure that the child is getting the support they need at home between the individual sessions in order to insure that their child’s reading skills develop as they should.